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Get personal coaching every day you're on the slopes

Ski lessons are great, but not everyone can ski with an instructor every day. Carv is designed to show you the most important skill for you to work on next, just like a ski instructor would.

  • Want to ski with personal coaching?
    Carv analyses your technique as you ski. When you get on the chairlift Carv will tell you what to do during your next run.
  • Want to know what to improve next?
    Carv creates your personal technique profile and gives you the most important drills and tips to keep you improving.
  • Want to ski tougher terrain?
    Improve your edging, balance, pressure and rotation with interactive drills designed by top instructors.

How will Carv help me?

Get off to a great start and pick up where you left off on your next trip.

Open Carv on your first day back on snow. Pick from one of your training sessions and rebuild last year's technique in just a few runs.

Developing controlled edging and rotation is the key to turning with confidence anywhere on the mountain.

Carv's Rotation and Edging drills will advance you through the levels with turn-by-turn audio feedback

When conditions get tricky, many skiers find themselves skiing 'in the back seat'.

Use Carv's live Balance Monitor to hear exactly how far forwards/backwards you are leaning on every turn.

If you want to tackle steeper slopes, you'll need to develop more outside ski pressure, rotation and edging.

Learn with drills designed by top instructors to improve each skill from Level 1 - 20. Learn when your movements are perfect and you'll be skiing the steeps in no time.

Improve with ski drills that talk back

Transform your technique with interactive ski drills designed by Olympic-level instructors.

  • Get the right drills selected for you, so all you have to plan is the route back to apres!
  • Learn the perfect technique from in-app instructor videos
  • Learn with turn-by-turn audio feedback that tells you when you're doing it right

See how one skier improved with Carv

Read the first-hand experience of an intermediate skiing with Carv to see how digital coaching can help you.

Read Justin's story

Setting up Carv is easy

  • 01

    Place smart inserts

    Carv’s thin inserts fit seamlessly and comfortably into any ski boot

  • 02

    Attach ski trackers

    Carv's tracker analyses 35 metrics every
    turn and has a battery life of over 3 days

  • 03

    Connect ski app

    Carv connects wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth

Skiers who have progressed to parallel skiing on greens/blues will get value from Carv from day one. Carv has been designed to help you develop:

  • Smooth parallel turns to increase your confidence across the mountain
  • Better leg rotation for control in rougher terrain
  • Stronger edging, helping on ice and steeper slopes
  • A forward position to keep you in control of your skis.

Intermediate Carv users often tell us their skiing improved in hours after using Carv, owing to the live feedback and interactive drills.

Carv knows when you are skiing and monitors the movement of each foot with 35 live metrics. These metrics included very precise measurements of the angle, rotation, pressure distribution of each foot.

These data are used to compare your turns against professional benchmarks (Level 4 ski instructors) so Carv can assess your technique for four techniques:

  1. Balance (forward/back lean)
  2. Edging (edge angle and similarity)
  3. Rotation (rotary smoothness and similarity)
  4. Pressure (outside/inside ski and pressure smoothness).

Carv identifies the skill that's holding you back. You'll get personalised tips and drills, designed with top instructors, to help you improve that skill. As your skiing improves, new skills will become the focus as Carv adapts to your skiing.

Carv has three modes so you can choose a style of coaching that suits your mood each day:

  1. Freeski mode - Carv speaks to you the chairlift, telling you how you did that run and giving you one tip to improve your technique on the next run. You can turn your audio coach on or off and your tips are also shared as a text tip so you can review them when you stop for lunch.
  2. Drills mode - Learn a specific skill with turn-by-turn feedback. As you ski, Carv will score your drill technique with audio sounds so you know when you're performing that skill perfectly. Level up through 20 levels with gradually increasing difficulty for every drill.
  3. Challenges mode - compete against yourself and others with fun skiing challenges. Show off your new skills and try to set a new top score!
  • Almost all helmets work with any kind of in-ear headphones, so you don't need to make adjustments to your current helmet.
  • Carv works with regular headphones and it works with airpods / other bluetooth headphones.
  • If you want to ski without headphones, the app will still give you text-based tips, scores and drills for you to review at your leisure.

“Best trainer ever. I learnt more in 1 hour than in one week with a real person. Can't wait for next winter.”

Christian Müller Carv customer

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