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Financial times

"Carv is surprisingly addictive. Even on the free-ski mode I find myself concentrating hard on every turn in order to up my score for the run — especially given the league table feature that ranks you against other users in real time."

Tom Robbins

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So does Carv work? The short answer is: yes, it does work. It will improve your skiing, the live feedback and challenges are absorbing and will refine technique whether you are an intermediate, advanced or a pro.

Andy Townsend

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Sunday times

The speed with which real-time coaching was ironing out the wrinkles in my technique was striking.

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"The analysis at the end of the run and tips on how to improve on the next attempt were spot on. Once I’d completed it, my Ski:IQ was already nudging, smugly, into the low 120s."

Henry Druce

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Carv broke the sports wearables record on

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  • “5* - If you want to make the most of your time in the mountains, just go out and buy one. It’ll add an extra dimension of enjoyment to your holiday, and you’ll be a better skier for it.”

  • “The most future-forward app on the slopes.”

  • “Carv shows the truth about how I stand and move versus how I think I stand and move on skis.”

  • “Carv is, without doubt, a game changer for skiers and could revolutionize the way people practice winter sports in the future.”

  • “Carv is undoubtedly incredible. It will find your weaknesses and help perfect your technique.”

  • The Times

    “A ski instructor that charges mates’ rates, is not irritated by your bad habits and won’t seduce your girlfriend.”

  • Digital trends

    “Get feedback & advice from the best skiers in the world.”

  • “It’s like having your very own professional instructor.”

  • “Turn any ski boot into a personal coach.”

  • “Carv is a game-changer for skiers, and works so intuitively that I can see it having a massive impact on the way people will practice the sport.”

  • “The list of things this piece of technology can do seems endless.”

  • “Carv doesn’t overload you with information, instead offering short, relevant bites.”

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  • “Carv shows the truth about how I stand and move vs how I think I move on skis.”

    Michael Rogan

    Head Coach, Pro Ski Instructors of America Demo Team

  • “It did exactly what it said it would do. It has the potential of really educating people on what great skiing is.”

    Jonathan Ballou

    PSIA Alpine Examiner

  • “I got accurate feedback. The same type of coaching my coach would give. I was blown away.”

    Jeremy Bloom

    3x World Champion, 2X Olympian

  • “Instead of not understanding where the problems are coming from, it will be instant.”

    Denis O’Brien

    FFS National Ski Instructors Premier Degree France

  • “It's something that not only can help the best racers in the world improve their time by the 1/100th of a second that matter but it can help a whole range of people ski better.”

    Alex Hoye

    Founder, Faction Skis

  • “Carv brings a new perspective to skiing. The pressure sensors allow you to see exactly what's going on. It really works!”

    Filip Filisar

    Olympian, Ski Cross World Champion

  • “The Carv system lays out what actually happens underfoot, as opposed to guesswork.”

    Ron Kipp

    US Ski team - Alpine education manager

  • “It’s not just what you can see, film, or even how the athlete feels. With Carv you actually know what’s happening.”

    Jernej Koblar

    3 Time Olympian, Alpine Skier

  • “It visualised a lot of things that you cannot see in the video. It's definitely next level!”

    Luka Krajnc

    Head coach, Slovenian Ski Cross Team

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