What's new for 2020

Your ski coach just got even better

Ski your way

Free session mode

We've improved free session mode based on your feedback from last year.

The new Carv app gives you more ways to get personalised skiing advice, so you can improve whether you are skiing with audio or reviewing text tips at lunch.

We've added the option for you to turn your audio coach on and off when you are in free session - sometimes it's nice just to ski to down to apres and start your training again tomorrow!

Carv users will also get their personalised tips in text format in the app, so you can stop on the slope at any point and review your latest advice, without waiting for the audio to kick in.

We've worked with Level 4 instructors to create a greater range of tips to help you target specific skiing skills. As most ski instructors know, describing something in multiple different ways can lead to faster progress. We hope you like the wide range of in-depth feedback in this year's app.

There's no replacement for seeing how to perform a certain skill in a video format. We've worked with world-class instructors to develop exclusive in-app videos to explain the most important skiing concepts to you. Perfect for the lunch time stop, or back at the chalet.

Get personalised advice

Ski:IQ recommendation engine

The new version of Carv creates a Ski:IQ profile of your technique, adapting to your skiing over time to give you the best recommendations for how to improve.

  • Want to know where your technique is consistently strong or weak? Your profile will tell you.
  • Want to know which drills will have the biggest impact? Carv's recommendation engine selects the right drills every day for your weakest skiing skill, so you keep progressing every day you ski with Carv.

Game-changing drills

Learn with interactive drills

Ski drills are great, but how do you know when you are doing them perfectly? This year Carv is taking real-time coaching to the next level with interactive ski drills.

We've expanded training mode and developed a new set of Carv drills and in-app videos with Eric Lipton, elite alpine demo team skier for the PSIA and two-time Olympian Kaylin Richardson.

Think you've already learnt everything you can from drills?
Top instructors use the same drills to coach both intermediates and pro racers. We've taken this insight and created a levelling system that gets harder as you move through the ranks to make sure skiers of every level can keep improving.

Test your skills

New skiing challenges

Skiing is social, and now Carv is too.

This year we've added a number of new challenges so you can show off your new skiing skills. You can compete against your friends and family, or just go all-out to beat your own high score.

Drag those knuckles and try and score the highest edge angle in a turn that you can.

Make as many turns as you can in a 30 second window

What is the maximum edge angle you can 'streak' over 5 consecutive turns

Set your own beat and ski to the metronome as accurately as possible

What is the highest G-force you can register in a hockey stop?

Have an amazing winter

Drop us a message using our website or the chat in your app if you've got any questions about the new features.