Your skiing is about to get a whole lot better.

A coaching revolution

Carv combines advice from the best instructors in the world with 
the power of data science and gaming design.

  • Data improvement

    Data from over 40 million turns improves our coaching every season

  • Customised tips

    Every tip is analysed for it’s impact on technique

  • Learn faster

    Real-time sounds help you learn with instant feedback

Set your own goals

Do you want to carv with your hip to the snow, or do you just want to avoid falling into the snow? Carv is will help you get there.

Build your confidence

  • Develop your balance
  • Ski with more control
  • Build confidence on steeper slopes
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Push your limits

  • Master pressure control
  • Carve with higher edge angles
  • Develop efficient technique
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Learn from the best

Skiing with world-class instructors used to be a luxury most of us couldn’t afford. Now you can learn from some of the best instructors in the world, including Eric Lipton, 
elite coach to the US ski team, and Kaylin Richardson, 2x Olympian.

  • Kaylin Richardson

    2x Olympian Champion

  • Eric Lipton

    Elite coach to USA Alpine team

Personalised advice

Most skiers don’t know what to work on next. At the heart of Carv is your Ski:IQ - think of it like a technique health check. Carv analyses your technique on every turn and shows you the areas of your skiing that will provide your next breakthrough.

  • Balance

  • Pressure

  • Edging

  • Rotation

Explore Carv's modes

Ski your own way

Sometimes we just want to ski without distraction. In freeski mode, Carv works in the background to analyse your skiing. When you get on the chairlift Carv will give you the best thing to work on during your next run.

  • Keep your weight forwards

Discover drills you’ll love

We’ve taken traditional ski drills and redesigned them as games. Audio feedback on every turn makes the learning experience faster and more fun.

Carv’s drills adapt to your skiing, getting harder as you improve. Think you can beat level 20?

Challenge your skills

It’s time to show us what you’ve got with a range of challenges designed to test specific skiing skills. You’ll find out who’s really king of the hill?

Monitor your technique

One of the hardest part of coaching is understanding what each technique should actually feel like. Are you leaning forward enough? Are you properly engaging your edges?


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