What Carv Can Measure

By Team Carv

September 25, 2020

•2 min read

Using 96 pressure sensors, Carv gives you the tools of an Olympic-level instructor with 35 real-time metrics recorded every turn.

Here are some common issues that keep many skiers from improving, which the Carv system has been designed to recognize.

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1. Balance too far forward

Leaning too far forward means you'll wash out your tails. Allow your shins to make light contact with the tongue of your ski boots.

2. Balance too far back

If you lean too far back, you’ll struggle to engage the arc of the ski. Try to keep your balance between the balls of your feet and the back of the arch.

Improve your balance with Carv

The Carv app has many features designed to help you improve your balance and fine-tune your skiing. Carv's interactive drills will take your skiing to the next level with turn-by-turn audio feedback, to help you get the most from your time on the slope.

  1. Develop your balance with the Thousand Steps and Balance drills, and move through 20 levels of assessment.
  2. Use the Fore:aft ratio monitor to pinpoint your weight distribution.
  3. Tear it up in Free ski mode for audio feedback at the end of your runs.

3. A-Frame

Leaving your weight on the uphill ski (due to a lack of trust in your turn) will create an A-frame in your knees. Try to keep your skis parallel and turn them together.

4. Inside ski pressure

Carv's pressure sensors identify when you leave your weight on the inside ski. Focus on balancing against the outside ski as you turn.

5. Unstable pressure build-up

Avoid jerky movements by moving your weight smoothly through the phases of the turn.

6. Abrupt edging movements

Try to roll your edges in a smooth—rather than jerky—manner.

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7. Unstable ski steering

Ski turns should be fluid and controlled, not erratic.

Fine-tune these areas of your skiing using your Carv and we're sure you'll see improvements in no time. Now go tear up the slopes!

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Written by: Team Carv